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today is like any day
but still it stands out

today is my favorite day
today feels like everyday

today feels sort of different
today feels far away

can you take me with you ?
or do i have to stay here?

i can’t see tomorrow
i can’t even live today

in my room 
i’m all alone
 in my room
i’m all alone

but the shadows 
keep me company

yeah the shadows
keep me company

in my dream 
you’re here with me
in  my dream
you’re here with me 

you kiss me by the maple tree
you kiss me by the maple tree

we run away 
to a secret place
would you run away
to the secret place

far away from the interstate
far, far way from the interstate

in my dream
you’re here with me
you kill me by
the maple tree

the maple tree
old maple tree
god save you dear 
you set me free

you set me free 
now rest with me
hold my hand 
and watch me bleed

in my dream
you’re here with me 
in my dream 
you set me free


how many of your
dear friends died this year
how many cuts would it take
to make you shed a tear

this life is so fast
it way too fast
do you really think
you can out run this?

this life is so sad
i don’t think i’ll ever smile after this
after this 
after this

what happens after this?
the only thing that keeps me going
this life is the only life, 
the only life we know for sure.
how are you doing?

internet girls are
cybernetic cat burgulars
rock and roll boys are
just mimes in leather jackets
hot rods and cigarettes
pass the time way faster
ancient rubber tires and
lead paint coated plastic toys
will be here way after

way way after
when all the tree friends will burn
and an army of frozen skeletons
will rule over the earth

these are dark times my friend


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        “ my room ” an ep from yungdurr 
            december 2021

my room :
intimate tales of domestic isolation from 
los angeles-based bedroom creative yungdurr

 from the bedroom of preston durr - koreatown, los angeles 

“ my room ” , an ep from los angeles based artist and creative yungdurr

q.         what was your primary inspiration for the production of this project ?

a.      to define one specific location of inspiration would be tricky, but I can definitely think of a few key sources. mainly, the concept of a person’s room or perhaps more specifically, my own room; is what is really at the center of this whole piece. I think that a person’s room is an extension of their psyche; maybe a reflection or even personification of the subconscious. In my case, this means cramming my marshall 4x4 stack and other miscellaneous speakers and recording equipment, plastering my wall with a chaotic array of newspaper clippings, notebook sketches, hot Italian models and basically anything that masking tape can hold onto a wall. Unorthodox, to say the least, but this has been a recording style that has absolutely changed my perspective on independent creativity and productivity, as well as on audio recording in general.

q.         what is your favorite song off of the project ?

a.       that’s a tough one, I really enjoyed the whole creative process on this project. I think the songs work well with each other, and I especially enjoy the project more as a full work rather focusing on the individual songs. But, if I had to choose, I’d say that “ counting clouds (my favorite dream “ ), is the song that I connect with the most on an emotional level. It’s a song I love to play even when I’m just sitting at home messing with guitar. I also think it’s a song that listeners can really appreciate and connect with as well.

q.         is there anything you’d like to say to your listeners about this new ep ?  


first and foremost, I would just like to personally thank every single person in my life who has      supported this crazy dream of mine, as well as all the amazing people who take the time out of their busy lives to listen to my music and support me at my shows. I love you all. Hopefully you can relate to what I’m saying in these songs, and I promise I’ll never stop going :)