a conversation with dog. new single “within” and some thoughts on home recording

           december 7 2021
            written by preston durr for harvard book club

left: photo credit: @swagsohardimboutthatlife on instagram
right: cover art for new single from dog and cleopatra records 

on a monday,

this week I was able to catch up with one of my good musician friends; the underground popstar legend: dog. between sharing stories and our wild opinions on the underground music scene, we were able to talk a little bit about his upcoming single “within” which drops this upcoming weekend on December 10th.

when I asked him about the production process for this new track, which will mark the first collaboration between dog and independent record label Cleopatra Records. dog mentioned somewhat comically, that he had actually tracked all the vocals in his mom’s garage, while visiting family in his home state of Oklahoma. this really resonated with me actually, as I am a firm believer that location and environment do play an important role in the creative process. in addition, to be able to successfully and effectively record yourself or create in unconventional or sub-industry standards tells a lot about the skill and talent of the creator. dog, who is ‘lowkey’ one of the many great underground producers, has honed the art of home recording, much like the majority of today’s underground and independent artists. home recording, which is absolutely not a new invention has existed for quite some time, though in the past equipment was often unfeasibly expensive, an included comparatively inferior and unintuitive technology.

nonetheless, some of the greatest songs in existence began once as humble home recordings, but in these modern times, access to high quality audio and recording equipment is extremely widespread, and it is not only possible, but easy to produce professional-quality content without even leaving your bedroom. which is an evolution that I believe has created so much more growth and opportunity for aspiring artists, ushering in a new age of music and musicians

   you can presave the new single, “within” by clicking here                                     and you check out dog’s other music and social media by following the links below


instagram: @swagsohardimboutthatlife

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